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The Energy Message of Food; A Cold Kitchen Workshop.


All matter has an energy component.  Energy is always in motion.

Its rate of vibration correlates to the information it carries.

So, what is your food saying to you? Beyond talking diets, greater

than vegan vs. carnivore is the subtle energy message carried by

the foods we eat. Its vocabulary includes words such as vitality,

integrity, and potential. Understanding the message empowers

you to take control of your health.


This workshop includes:

∎ the energy vibrations of colors and their influence on us, 
∎ which foods heal, which only maintain health and which foods hurt
∎ how to use the messages of food for healing (this includes weight-loss),
∎ how to infuse food with information that can bring about harmony

and balance.







Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which also

promotes healing. It is administered by laying on hands and it’s an amazingly

simple technique to learn.


Reiki Energy Healing I, II or III  (1 day)

Each of the 3 degrees is taught separately as one-day workshops. The time

between each instruction of this powerful healing modality is unimportant

since a student is attuned to perform healing after the first. Included in the

classes is the history, meaning, and symbols. Attunements are passed for

each level. The three levels can be combined into a into a weekend workshop

if desired and planed for in advance.  



Universal Principles and Psychic Awareness  (8 full hours)

Examining four basic points of philosophy taught since the time of Hermes;

the principles of causation, polarity, vibration and rhythm. Laws that offer

insight to how and why things happen the way they do. Understanding how

a thing works opens the door to change. This workshop also explores

four of the spiritual gifts: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-essence, and




Ho’ala Breathwork  (2 day)

A Hawaiian word meaning 'a hollow reed, which allows air to pass' is

the best description for this process. A technique often referred to as one

of the most effective healing techniques for releasing deeply seated

issues and the physical afflictions held by cellular memory.



Awakening the Goddess Within ( 1 day)

Women’s strong intuitive predisposition is the key to realizing

their divinely inherited abilities. The greatest prophesies for humankind

have been given to women. With lots of visuals and interactive exercises,

this workshop offers understanding to a woman’s natural connection

with nature, and her ability to move within fields of energy to create

security and protection for herself and all within her care.


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workshops, or classes in your area.