Spinning Your Gold
~By Lore Raymond * Tampa Bay, FL
SOUL SHARE SATURDAY: Malana Ashlie, Honduras, Central America

This could be Malana’s vision statement:
“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within in. Whatever we do to the web, We do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. “~Chief Seattle

We "met" through a mutual stateside friend who was in the chaplain program with me. It was a natural introduction as I’d just returned from my five years as a Honduran ex-patriate. The connection seed was planted; years later Malana came to mind as I chose 12 women writers to share my vision of starting the Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond MAGAZINE—her balanced international perspective was sought to bring even more diversity and richness to our readers which she beautifully did for a year.

A master healer of humans and the animal kingdom, Malana weaves together decades of knowledge, skills and abilities to serve the Higher Purpose. While she originally focused on healing humans, her coastal neighbors sensed her larger gift and started bringing birds and other critters for healing! She is the “Dr. Doolittle of LaCeiba.”

What's treasured about Malana--this intuitive healer, mystic and award-winning author-- is that she’s like the goddess Arachnid, always spinning her gold through words and deeds to heal and inspire all who enter her web.
I am blessed to call her friend, I AM.

The wonderful Hawaiian Spirit of Malana Ashlie's energy when I first met her was calming. The several months I spent with her assisted continuing me on my life path. My physical challenges were improving,  I was continuing to awaken to my life purpose with fewer "roadblocks"! I highly recommend her for those who desire to open the door of self healing and spiritual enlightenment!     G.S., FL

It is a pleasure and a relief to know that there are such talented and concerned holistic counselors as Malana.  In her sensitive yet professional manner, she helped me strip away years of emotional baggage to help me see the core reality of who I was and what I was supposed to become in the eyes of our Creator.  Her careful and considerate counseling techniques helped me get over one of the greatest emotional crises a person can ever experience in their lifetime and all of this was done as distance healing.  Malana has my unconditional vote for Superior Counselor!  Thank you Malana!

A.R. , Afghanistan

When I think of you I think; "She sees me, others don't" that is refreshing for me (I feel) I'm usually a projection.  I see you as my teacher, with ability to see illness as a misunderstanding of reality. Have always seen you as a healing-teacher.  (NDE)    D.S., HI.