Reverand Malana Ashlie is a Metaphysical Inter-Faith minister.
A Metaphysician has a functional understanding of Universal or Spiritual Laws that bring balance and harmony to life. An Inter-Faith Minister embraces all paths to SOURCE.

As a Metaphysical Inter-faith minister, Malana uses this understanding to support individuals in connecting with their soul path. She does this though consultations or teaches the process in classes.

Blessings bring a positive influence into every occasion. Consider including them in your life:

1. Pre-surgery
2. Any life changing decision
3. Baby blessing
4. Car blessing ( send photo)
5. Personal blessing for self or family member.
6. Any life crisis


DAILY BLESSING BOWEL: For many years people have sent their names, photos or cards to be included in Malana's morning practice of sitting in prayer connection with Source. A blessing removes negative influences by infusing with Divine energy. Send your name or photo to be included her Daily Blessing Bowel. There is no fee however, anyone wishing to make some donation can do so by supporting her ministry projects in Honduras. (see note below) Visit Gringos in Paradise: Our Honduras Odyssey Facebook page to learn more about these projects.

Listed below are some of the services Malana offers. These services are $50.00.

Commitment Counseling - Influences from every relationship, birth to present, are part of the energy vibration that we carry when entering a relationship. All levels of commitment take on greater importance when approached as a sacred covenant between individuals. Malana offers counseling for celebration of shared years, reconciliations or when entering into a partnership, whether it is a co-habitation or business.

New Name Ceremony - An ancient custom of some traditional cultures is to find a 'True Name.' This is a name that fits the new life path an individual sees for themselves free of past impressions attached to the old name. It is a practice that is taking on greater importance in first world cultures today. A New Name Ceremony lets an individual present themselves to family, friends and community. It is not a legal change of name; it is a commitment with Spirit.

Pre-Marriage Consultation - This pre-marriage counseling offers insight to possible emotional stumbling that might arise during times of stress. Influences from every relationship, birth to present, are part of the energy vibration that we carry. The information from Malana's insight helps reduce the amount of 'old luggage' that is carried into a new relationship by revealing areas that might cause conflict.

House, Land or Business Cleansing - This work identifies areas of property that have stagnant energy attached to them and offers steps that will physically correct it. Removal of dense energy keeps away negative influences on all planes of existence. This is especially beneficial for new homes or for residences where prolonged illness or conflict are present. These cleansings can be done physically or from a
floor plan diagram.

Note from Malana:

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. If you would like to request a blessing or schedule a service, send a message through the contact page. Donations go to help to support my projects of help and nutrition in Honduras, Central America.