"A Program for Anyone"


Empowering Individuals

Energetically, Physically, Psychologically


A 10 day transitional experience designed to help someone committed  to making  a change. Whether it is to help launch a healthier lifestyle, as a sacred place to begin anew from a personal trauma, or a soul search to find clarity in life direction, this vacation period offers a safe place for change. It is a time to return to basics by placing emphasis on the core elements of the individual. The earth and nature become the grounding force behind the process and a source for healing and transformation.


The location for this event is within the magic and vitality of the Caribbean coast of Honduras. Majestic mountains, coastal beaches, rainforest rich in wildlife, waterfalls, and naturally formed hot ponds make up the terrain. Within this area the amiable beach community of El Porvenir becomes the heart of this experience. The simplicity of life here is a bit like stepping back into a small rural U.S. town of the 1950's, yet one with its own unique energy. The community is a graceful blending of Hispanic, African-Antillean, and Caribbean cultures spotted with friendly volunteers from all over the world. The walls and gardens of our home create an oasis of renewal. It is an ideal balm for nerves, allowing rest and introspection.


An on-line consultation and assessment becomes our introduction.  The programs are based on each individual's desires so once a date and duration is agreed on a food and activity program is uniquely created to suit to your needs. All activities/modalities are tailored specifically for you and may include:


Body Fitness Movement exercise along with healing through connecting with the natural world through walking, swimming, gardening, relaxing in hot mineral ponds.


Energy Balancing techniques- as well as with the use of color and flower essences.


Mind Fitness- meditation, stress management, positive imaging, or grief counseling.



⇒Transportation to and from La Ceiba airport
⇒ Lodging
⇒ Ground transportation in the El Porvenir area
⇒ 3 meals daily (other than arrival and departure days)
⇒ Daily healing body movement exercises
⇒ 4 Energy healing treatments
⇒ Outings to mineral healing waters
⇒ A healing massage

When not designed around a specific cleanse or detox program, cuisine is primarily vegetarian-based but can include fish, shellfish or chicken entrees with lunch.  Meals are designed to promote healing: they are mineral and nutrient-rich and from only the freshest, highest-quality foods.

Additional massage or outings such as a day trip to snorkel the coral reefs, horseback riding, white water rafting, or jungle zip lining are optional but can be arranged for an additional fee. 


$1,375.00 for 10 days