CHANGE through PERSONAL /Spiritual GROWTH ~

Over the last 5 years, this four week program has proven to be the most popular option. It is the choice of those trying to overcome chronic conditions OR  for those wanting to move forward in their spiritual or soul journeys.  It begins with a personal analysis held either in person, by phone, or Skype/internet contact.

After determining a starting point and the desired outcome a schedule of on-going contacts is established. During these appointments Malana offers subtle energy tools, techniques, and insights that set new energy vibrations and empower individuals to move beyond limitations. In some cases an initial program of nutrition may be suggested when Malana feels greater vitality and energy is needed to achieve the goal.

Each week will contain a personal interview with Malana to answer questions, share new insights or revelations and give new instruction. Individuals will also receive an email or chat, along with two supportive messages designed to help  keep their desired focus.  This system adjusts the pace of the transformation to the needs of each client.
The wonderful Hawaiian Spirit of Malana Ashlie's energy when I first met her was calming. The several months I spent with her assisted continuing me on my life path. My physical challenges were improving; I was continuing to awaken to my life purpose with fewer "roadblocks"! I highly recommend her for those who desire to open the door of self healing and spiritual enlightenment! G.S., FL

   $450 Personal Growth