Reverand Dr. Malana  Ashlie  is a Metaphysical Inter-Faith minister.
A Metaphysician has a functional understanding of Universal or Spiritual Laws necessary to bring balance and harmony.  An Inter-Faith Minister embraces all paths to SOURCE.  

As a Metaphysical Inter-faith minister, Malana councils individuals for healing or those wishing to learn more for their own spiritual growth. She does this though consultations and blessings.

Blessings bring a positive influence into any occasion. They have the ability that can influence matter to become an element of healing or change.


Consider including a blessing for any life change:
1. Pre-surgery
2. An important decision
3. A Birthday Blessing
4. Car blessing ( send photo)
5. For Healing

 There is No fee for blessings, however, Malana does accept donations to help support her ministry projects in Honduras, Cent. America. Learn more about these projects below and by visiting her Facebook page: Gringos in Paradise: Our Honduras Odyssey.

Malana's projects include:  Nutritional Healing and The Single Mother's Project


Thank you