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Beads Bring Literary Award to Expat Naturopath

Holistic healer Malana Ashlie receives Honorable Mention in Body/Mind/Spirit category for her new book  ̎The Threaded Gem Adventure, ̎ using necklace beads as a metaphor for relationship connections.

  ̎My mission is to do all I can to bring peace and healing to this planet for my grandchildren and future generations. ̎

La Ceiba, Honduras (PRWEB) April 28, 2014

      Throughout history, beads have been a common link for humanity. Their material make up, seeds, clay, metals, and stones, connect us to the earth, and their beauty and meaning help bridge many of our philosophies. Malana Ashlie took this connection theory one-step further by using beads to renew relationships with family and friends around the world for a special birthday project. This connection process is the subject of her award-winning book, ̎The Threaded Gem Adventure: How to Connect the Jewels in Your Life ̎ (ISBN 9781490920160, Create Space Publishing, 2013).

       ̎The Threaded Gem Adventure ̎ began when Ashlie asked for a bead from her special people to create a necklace in celebration of her sixty-fifth birthday. The book details not only how readers can do a similar project, but also how the process became an adventure for the soul that created a loving ripple effect for everyone involved.

      Ashlie has long been a believer in connections that tie together the body, mind, and spirit. Her notion of natural healing expanded far beyond simple physical treatment when she began incorporating knowledge from her studies with traditional cultures. She sees the grounding aspect of traditions to be a missing link in the core issues of chronic conditions. This, along with teaching people to see beyond their current circumstances, weaves a connecting thread throughout her healing practice, her published books and articles, as well as her Single Mother's Project that benefits from sales of  ̎The Threaded Gem Adventure. ̎

      The Single Mothers Project helps mothers develop financial freedom through small home-based businesses. Ashlie began the project when a neighbor who fishes for a living could no longer pull in heavy fishing nets because of her pregnancy. Ashlie suggested she make jewelry from beach glass and helped her find a market to sell it. Another woman Ashlie helped has a bakery business that she worked with one small gas can and a tiny apartment stove. Ashlie started the Single Mothers Project to give their businesses a needed boost. Ashlie says of the program, ̎Keeping personal authority is an important aspect of the Single Mothers Project. I want this project to become self-governing, managed by the women it has helped. ̎ More information about the project can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Gringos.n.Paradise.

      That  ̎The Threaded Gem Adventure ̎ is entertaining, provides a fun and meaningful activity for readers, and helps others to become independent made the Reader Views judges take notice when choosing the 2013 Literary Awards winners. Reader Views reviews more than 2,000 books per year by self-published and small press authors. Its Annual Literary Awards recognize the very best of these up-and-coming authors. The large interest in inspirational nonfiction in recent years makes for stiff competition in the Body/Mind/Spirit category. Judges felt  ̎The Threaded Gem Adventure ̎ deserved Honorable Mention for its unique, out-of-the-box thinking and its necklace metaphor. The idea raises awareness of human connections and the power we have to influence or help one another.

About the Author : Dr. Malana Ashlie is a board-certified traditional naturopath and metaphysician. She works as a holistic counselor, focusing on helping those afflicted with chronic conditions, and offering guidance in her consultations, books, videos, and healing vacations held at her home outside La Ceiba, Honduras. She says, ̎My mission is to do all I can to bring peace and healing to this planet for my grandchildren and future generations. ̎ Ashlie is the author of two award-winning books: ̎The Threaded Gem Adventure ̎ and  ̎Gringos in Paradise: Our Honduras Odyssey. ̎ Her newest book, ̎SHIFT: A 5th Dimensional Approach to Creating Healing Relationships Between Nations, Neighbors, Family and Self. ̎ was published in February.

̎The Threaded Gem Adventure, or How to Connect the Jewels in Your Life ̎ (ISBN 9781490920160, Create Space Publishing, 2013) can be purchased through local and online bookstores in both English and Spanish. For more information, visit http://www.wisdompathway.com. Publicity contact: pathways2@hotmail.com. Review copies available upon request.

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Meet Malana: Following a Wisdom Pathway


      According to the astrological signs of the Chinese and Maya, I was born a healer. People born with this sign have gifts that help them. My gift is to be sensitive to energy fields; I am an empathic and intuitive. I chose the path of natural healing (T.ND.) and my studies became a journey rather than a destination. I became interested in chronic conditions which drew me into exploring emotional healing and metaphysics (PhD).  Soon after, I began receiving invitations from elders of traditional cultures. They teach connection to the Earth and Oneness.   
      Insights from each of these philosophies are blended to become a practice dedicated to achieving total well-being. My work with people is transpersonal, holistic, and life enhancing. It offers them tools that encourage a proactive healing experience. As a holistic healer and student of subtle energy, it is my nature to watch for hidden components of a problem.  If the adage "truth will set you free" is accurate, then it will also heal all manner of chronic conditions, including poverty and gender inhumanities. Every lesson, every person, every experience is a footstep in the journey. The wisdom gleaned becomes the gems I offer students, clients and readers. 

      As a young girl, I wanted my life to be extraordinary; not rock star status, but one that would leave a gentle footprint. I first saw this become a reality as my three children went on to become upstanding adults. I then entered a career that placed me working with women and inspiring them to find security within. To me, all healing is an introduction of new information and teaching proactive skills has offered the people I work with a way to find wellness and happiness. 

      Over the years, I have spoken to groups of more than a thousand people; as well as being interviewed on numerous television and radio programs. I have performed marriage ceremonies, given sermons, blessed houses and infants, even delivered a baby. I have been planting seeds of change from the Ozarks to Florida, Hawai'i, to Central America. Each of these was an amazing experience, yet I am just beginning. I continue the journey today in Honduras with a Single Mothers Project. Writing and speaking allows me to spread the message of healing through nutrition, kindness, and caring even further. When not consulting with people over phone or internet, writing, or traveling to teach, I help where needed in my local Honduran community.

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Q & A


1. Q. You are a U.S. expat that moved from Hawai'i to Honduras. Why Honduras?


A. In retrospect, there are more reasons than I can count, but at the onset, it was due to changes happening in our lives. My parents' health was declining and new grandbabies were on the way. In addition, their fathers (my sons) were being stationed overseas. No one had asked for help but the distance and time involved with travel needed to shorten, just in case. Then there was also the disappointment of our jungle paradise becoming suburbia. My husband loves coastal living and our move was at the height of the housing boom. We could not afford property along any U.S. coast.


2. Q. Had you been to Honduras before? Were you afraid?


A.  I had been to the Mayan ruins in Copan while on pilgrimage with Mayan elders 3 years before our move but, that is the mountains near Guatemala. My husband's preference is always coastal. As to being afraid; maybe it was naive but we had researched Honduras on the internet. We didn't read of anything worse than what we would find in major cities in the US so it was "a walk by faith." (2 Corinthians 5:7 For we live by faith, not by sight.) I believe that when you make decisions from the heart instead of from fear the results are always positive. The outcome is based on perception. This move has reinforced this belief.


3. Q. Do you ever regret leaving or miss what you left behind?


A. There is much about Honduras that reminds me of Hawai'i. We live on the coast with the mountains to our back. Temperatures are a bit warmer but, flowers and fresh fruits are similar. What I do miss are the people. The people of the Big Island have a special spirit about them. It truly is the Aloha spirit. I find the people of Honduras to be as kind and accepting but there is something very gentle about relationships with the island people. Relationships are sacred. One of the things we did in preparing to leave was to give all the special things we owned to many of our special people. It was like leaving pieces of our heart with them. It really never works well to haul a bunch of stuff when you are making a big major move; better to go lightly. New stuff will find you. This way people close to your heart have keepsakes.  A final word is, never look back. See everything that happens as the best for who you are meant to become. Make the best of each day and be grateful for it. That way you have never made a mistake and the world of possibilities is open to you.


4. Q. What do you do in Honduras?


 A. Along with swimming in the ocean, soaking in natural hot ponds, picking fresh fruit every day and gardening, I care for the grandmas, babies and animals that are brought to my gate, and practice my nutritional concepts on willing neighborhood children.  My passion has been to find answers for chronic conditions. I feel that if vitality is high enough tissue has sufficient integrity to recover from almost anything.

      I test my healing theories on my pets, local children, and my husband... in that order. Being in Honduras offers opportunities to practice many of my ideas the without possible restrictions of the U.S. regulations. This is similar to why Linus Pauling went into Mexico to test his theories of Vitamin C on the schoolchildren. I also host Healing Vacations, Spiritual Quest, and write books or articles. In addition to working with children and nutrition, another project very close to my heart is working with single mothers. The focus of my Single Mothers Project is to help mothers develop financial freedom through small home-based businesses.


5. Q. Malana, talk about chronic conditions for a minute. How do you define a 'chronic condition'?


A.  I see a  chronic condition as one that comes on slowly and yet, it can result from a traumatic incident. In the case of the trauma, the condition develops when the person does not release the trauma.  A Chronic condition is long-suffering by its limitations (pain, restrictions in freedom, or addictions to response). This is why, to my thinking, a chronic condition does not have to be confined to a physical affliction.


6. Q. What are some of the conditions you consider chronic?


A.  There are the normal physical conditions we are familiar with, Epstein Barr, Fibromyalgia, and high blood pressure. Some may even come about because of improper use of pharmaceuticals, but there is also depression, PTS, anger/rage, a pattern of repetition that bring unhappiness in relationships, jobs, even continual debt. When people are caught in situations where they cannot see beyond their current circumstances or repeat a process that continually brings them dissatisfaction, it is chronic. Poverty is chronic.


7. Q. Do you ever miss your friends and family?


A. One cannot help but miss the people that have shared parts of your life. I see or do something and want to tell my children or friends. It takes greater effort to do that from here. There is no guarantee that I can make a call due to power outages, faulty internet or other problems. Then when I do connect, time is precious. This was especially apparent to me as my 65th birthday was approaching. The idea came to me to ask my friends and family to send a bead as a gift. I was going to create a necklace. My request included asking them to write a short note that explained why they chose that particular bead. Making that necklace was a labor of love. There are only two things I have done in my life that gave me greater joy;  looking into the faces of my children and grandchildren for the first time. Creating that necklace was  a beautiful experience. This is why I felt drawn to share the story in a book: The Threaded Gem Adventure.


8. Q. Will you tell us more about the Single Mothers Project?


A.  The project began by helping a neighbor. She is a woman who fishes for a living. She was pregnant and pulling in the heavy nets was causing bleeding.  I suggested she make jewelry from the sea glass that washes up on the beach. Afterwards I helped her find a market. She is very creative and has since taken the craft far beyond anything I can teach her. There was also another woman who sold bakery items. She bakes all morning, and then walks the streets to sell her pastries in the afternoon. I found out that she had built this business with one small gas can and a tiny apartment stove. Cooking for her children, as well as her business, often left her without enough gas to complete her baking. Both of these women were hard workers, but their efforts were an existence living. I felt that with a little boost they could improve their circumstances. The strength of a community is built around small businesses. Our group of entrepreneurs has grown to seven now. Their stories can be found at  https://www.facebook.com/Gringos.n.Paradise


9. Q.How do you choose the mothers? Do you help them all?


A. There was a time when I was a single mom. I lived in a tourist area and it was the off-season. There were no jobs. I started cleaning other people's houses. These are the types of women I help. They are strong enough to try. These are the ones that never qualify for help from missionary or volunteer groups. Yet if they fail, it will dim the light of hope for every other struggling mom in the area. So, I just give them a hand-up. I help them to realize a greater vision.


10. Q. What is a Healing Vacation? How does it differ from your Spiritual Quest?


A. As I mentioned earlier, part of healing is to see beyond present circumstances. Healing is new information entering our (cellular or energetic) systems. So much of our reality is based on the way our histories and beliefs. Coming from a first-world country into a third-world is an excellent way to erase the blackboard and start all over again with new information. All the activities and meals are planned around the desired outcome of the client. All we do; preparing meals together, exercise, and other activities are planned so that people leave with tools they can incorporate into their daily lives. I live on the edge of a small community of mixed income families. There is a river behind my home and an ocean a block away. Becoming grounded to the Earth is essential to all healing. These natural assets, as well as natural warm ponds and other forces of nature are the medicines.

A Spiritual retreat is similar very similar to a Healing Vacation except that its activities are designed to help someone wanting to receive insight to themselves and direction for their lives. It is a wonderful adventure for someone at a crossroads in their life.


11. Q.  What is on the horizon for you?   


A. 1. I want to help the Mother ̍s Program continue to offer assistance when it ̍s needed.  Promoting my book The Threaded Gem Adventure and donations keep it financially afloat.  Profits from the sale of the books (Spanish and English versions) along with donations fund the program. Restoring personal authority is an important aspect of the project so I want to see  the Mother ̍s project become self-governing, managed by the women it has helped. They know and understand the community, its people and their needs.

    2. I will continue  to host Healing Vacations and Spiritual Quests. Helping others find the answers they are looking for helps give me new pieces of the puzzle I have been building for years. It gives me the insight I write about.  It takes seeing things differently to make the changes we want to see in our lives and in the world.  A foreign country can be the perfect environment to begin to see things differently.

    3. There are a couple more books that I have in mind to write.  I am in the outline portion of writing:  FOOTSTEPS OF A MODERN MYSTIC . It will take readers along the path I walked in learning how to do much of what I do. I ̍ve been asked by many people over the years, to teach them how to do what I do. However, it is not a technique. It is a way of seeing and connecting to the Earth so that the forces of nature become one with the person. That is where all the answers are.


4. Something new and exciting for me is teaching through webinars. My hope is to continue passing on what I have learned over the years via the internet and writing: blogs, newsletters and articles.



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GRINGOS IN PARADISE; Our Honduras Odyssey

by Malana Ashlie

"If you are considering traveling or moving to Central America, read this book. The amusing anecdotes about local customs and the simple day-to-day mishaps and adventures give you a feel for what life in Honduras is truly like. With open frankness, the author lets you into her life to feel the roller coaster of emotions that naturally occur when one dares to make the bold step of moving to a foreign country. "

-Marya Leonard


"Malana Ashlie conveys the warmth of Latin culture and the carefulness and consideration with which she and her husband approach it as they make their new home in a foreign land. I happily recommend this book to anyone contemplating a move to Central America."

-Alicia Bay Laurel, author of Living on the Earth



Of special appeal to the swelling ranks of expat retirees in Mexico and Central America (over one million strong, according to census estimates), Gringos in Paradise is an amusing and informative chronicle of two baby boomers' adventures, and misadventures, as they set off to the Caribbean coast of Honduras in search of financial freedom, personal fulfillment, and peace. The Author shares the trials and triumphs as she and her husband learn to build a new life in a new country.


It is the story of evolving well-being, belonging, and community that transcends borders.


About the author

Malana Ashlie, Ph.D., is a naturopath, holistic healer, and interfaith minister who lives in the beach community of El Porvenir, Honduras, with her husband. Dr. Ashlie has studied extensively with traditional elders of Mayan, Native American, and Hawaiian cultures. She travels widely teaching workshops and retreats that incorporate ancient wisdom into modern life.


"Who would have thought that bridging cultures could be so much fun. M.A.




Publication date:

January 17, 2007









Page count:


Order from:

CreateSpace.com title # 3240526; Amazon.com

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