People come to me when nothing conventional has worked.

I am a naturopathic intuitive and subtle energy practitioner. My combined education and training enhance natural gifts, giving me the ability to access hidden causes of chronic conditions. Our conscious and unconscious thoughts are information that our central nervous system feeds to every cell.  These thoughts attract matching conditions.   

My degrees include that of a Traditional Naturopath (T.ND), Herbalist, and a PhD in Metaphysics. I am also an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. I have worked in the field of energy healing for over two decades helping individuals find freedom from limitations related to restricted health, emotional wellbeing or evolution of the spirit.

 My training and experience is uniquely attuned through years of study under the influence of:


  • Teachings of Ho'oponopono by Hawaiian kupuna (keepers of the ancient traditions).

  • Healing philosophies of the Maya taught by a 13th generation Quiche Mayan High Priest

  • My own personal rite of passage guided by a teacher of sacred Native American traditions.

  • Harmonization with nature taught by Mother Earth

  • Attunements as a Reiki Master


This is the wisdom and guidance I offer in my consultations and workshops. It is included as bite sized pieces in my books, blog, and articles.