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Security Comes from Within

When you don't believe you can, hook your star to someone who is already there. Each is a stepping stone: Mary Kay, Rev. Jennet, Rev. Littlewolf, Feathered Wolf, Dr. Masters; Kupunas Maile, Jesse, don Alejandro,and Elizabeth. My heart is filled with love and gratitude.


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Lessons of Aloha


The Hawaiian spirit teaches us to come from the heart, not from ego. It teaches how to connect to the land and water; how to speak to the spirit of these elements, and how to honor them. Once your heart has been touched by this spirit you are never quite the same. Just as once your mind has been opened to a new dimension, it can never return to its original size.

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Was it a coincidence that I was in Sedona, Az. when I learned a white buffalo calf had been born?  Lakota Prophesy states that its birth would bring harmony between all races.  I had to be there, I had to attach my prayer ties to the fence with a thousand others. I had to do this for me, my teachers, my children andall my relations.  


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Footsteps of the Maya


Living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean just following theflow of spirit when an invitation comes to travel for 10 days with Mayan elders to sacred sites in Guatemala and Honduras. It was during the Harmonic Concordance and a star gate was to open. I said "YES"!


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Spreading my Wings

For three years I was caregiver for numerous birds. They were delivered to my gate, they flew into my hair, and they dropped to the ground in front of me. I fed them, nursed them and released them.

Ted Andrews states in his book Animal-Speak: As you approach periods in your life where you will be able to make new leaps in higher consciousness and new expressions of your true essence, birds will become more prominent. 


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Mayan Fire Ceremony


Abono- to give back. This is what fire ceremony is all about It is a beautiful gesture of gratitude to Great Spirit for all we have been given.











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Spirit Has No Time


In 2011 I heard: "Eleven o'clock at the Four Corners."  It wasn't a destination.  Eleven years later I made the journey.  Eleven is a master number.