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SHIFT: A 5th Dimensional Approach to Creating healthy Relationships between Nations, Neighbors, Family and self.


It's time to see things differently. When your well thought out logic doesn't work it's time to develop a new perspective. The world is changing but many people are applying outdated programs to existing problems many of that are the result of inappropriate thinking. "The minds that helped create a problem can never be part of the solution."


Shift: A 5th Dimensional Approach lays a groundwork of possibilities that encourages readers to acknowledge alternative answers. Following verses from the Chinese proverb, "To Have Peace in the World...."   each chapter gives logical alternatives to current problems through the application of metaphysical practices and traditional wisdom. It is a fifth-dimensional approach to creating healthy relationships between nations, neighborhoods, families, and with self.




The Threaded Gem Adventure (2013)


The award winning,Threaded Gem Adventure is a fascinating guide filled with life wisdom and 'how-to' photographs. It guides readers through steps of a project in creating a necklace as a memory token for a special event. The pages of the book also tell a story of how the author used beads to create oneness with family and friends for an important moment in her life and also resolved issues of separation. It is a joyful adventure of connection and renewal that can heal the heart as the author's project evolves into a journey of self-awareness.


Restoring, grounding, and connection are the themes of Malana Ashlie's books, blogs and articles. The message and instructions behind the bead project described in The Threaded Gem Adventure can be applied to creating a key ring, bracelet, or a home decor that will help anchor special people to your heart.


The Threaded Gem Adventure is also available in Spanish. Click here for: La Aventura de la Gema Enhebrada: O Como Conectar las Joyas en Su Vida (Spanish Edition)




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GRINGOS IN PARADISE; Our Honduras Odyssey


When you believe that you’ve reach a point in
life where your education and experiences will handle any circumstances, put those realities to the test and move to a 3rd world country.

"Only after our arrival to the country did we realize that even the English language comes with its own disparities. I found the term Honduran community meant: no one speaks English, there is no phone service, and available computer connection was faulty at best. I began to feel propelled into a parallel universe, one locked into the 1950s. Mornings were a coin toss as I stood on my veranda; would I be thanking my maker for the blessings of this new life, or asking how much longer do I need to do this?"

The award winning, Gringos in Paradise is an amazing and informative chronicle of two baby-boomers adventures -and misadventures- as they set off to the Caribbean Coast of Honduras in search of affordable living, personal fulfillment, and peace.