BASIC CONSULTATION ~ An ideal choice for someone looking for insight and a direction for positive change. They may need help in overcoming an obstacle or have reached a plateau in their own goal or healing process. This is also the choice for someone new to intuitive healing  and wants to test the process


This one hour consultation begins with a short interview to access the core issue plus an analysis of the vitality of the individual. Extreme or long term crisis can be drain the physical or emotional reserves necessary to make a forward leap. A dietary suggestions or a program of nutrition may be offered that helps restore vitality.  The consultation also looks at possible past trauma held in cellular memory that acts as an anchor. Finally, the spiritual or subtle energy influence; this is the information carried through the nervous system from the sub or unconscious mind, is determined and energy tools suggested that will positively influence the frequency.

When I think of you I think; "She sees me, others don't." that is refreshing for me (I feel) I'm usually a projection. I see you as my teacher, with ability to see illness as a misunderstanding of reality.  Have always seen you as a healing-teacher.  (NDE) D.S., HI.

One hour consultation; $100.00 U.S.